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How to Stay in Touch with College Friends Over the Summer

I honestly don’t know how to feel about summer. Sure, I get to go home, meet up with old friends, am absolved (for the most part) of the responsibilities of getting my own food, doing my own laundry, etc. and settle into my pre-college routine.

On some days, it’s almost as if my freshman year of college never happened. But it did. And it certainly isn’t easy to be separated from the friends with whom you’ve spent the majority of your year. So without further ado, here are my favorite ways to stay in touch with college buddies:



One of my best friends introduced me to Snapchat about a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. By allowing you to overlay short captions, emojis and rough, personalized drawings over your images, Snapchat provides a concise means of communication that provides a great way to let your friend keep up to date with whatever you’re up to, whatever the distance between you and said friend may be.



Skype is just fabulous. It’s simple enough for anyone to get the hang of quickly, allows two parties to hold tete-a-tete conversations and of course, and perhaps most importantly, it’s free. Even if you’re one of those people who aren’t big on webcams, Skype can still come in useful. For instance, you can try Skyping while watching your favorite TV show together and discussing it during commercial breaks. Whatever it is that you guys bond over, chances are you can do it over Skype.

Snail Mail

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

If you have any of your friends’ home addresses, go ahead and write them a letter! There’s just something extra special about getting a physical letter (or postcard) in the mail from a friend. Or better yet, send them a personalized summer care package. Nowadays, getting personal snail mail is becoming an rather unusual event, so being on the receiving end of of these deliveries is likely to be a great way to brighten someone’s day.

Make an Effort

Miss someone? Tell them. Shoot them a text message. If you come across something funny that you know one of your friends would appreciate, message them on Facebook! A simple “Hey, how ya doin?” goes a surprisingly long way, and you’ll all be moving in during September before you know it!

How do you stay in touch with your friends over the summer? Comment below, let us know! Or alternatively, tweet us @dbmojo

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