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Let’s Talk Coachella: Tip No. 2 Music

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aaand we’re back!

A few weeks ago, Mojo decided to start a little Coachella series where we gather tips from your peers about various topics before the annual festival, which begins on April 10. Since we got the pressing issue of housing out of the way, this week we’re here to talk about music. What? Shocking, I know – but really.

You need to start preparing your music.

In order to maximize your time at Coachella (time is not your friend there), it’s crucial to go into the festival knowing whom you want to see. With over a hundred bands and artists performing, it’s recommended to start discovering soon to truly get a bang for your buck. Jenna Depillo, a second-year business economics student, said that every year she prepares for Coachella by creating a “giant playlist on SoundCloud,” which includes songs from her favorite artists that she hasn’t heard yet and songs from smaller artists on the lineup. She said that “deciding which sets to go to was the hardest thing to do and streamlining it (with SoundCloud) helped a lot.”

SoundCloud is a great medium to aggregate songs into your official Coachella playlist, especially if you’re a fan of remixes. Many artists such as Madeon, Odesza and Porter Robinson release unofficial remixes on SoundCloud that usually cannot be found on iTunes or Spotify. Tara Afshar, a first-year linguistics and computer science student agrees and says that since she really likes the smaller bands that play, “SoundCloud is usually how (she’ll) listen and create playlists.” Her favorite artists, all on SoundCloud, include Sylvan Esso, St. Lucia, Kaskade and Kygo.

However, iTunes, Spotify and 8tracks can do what SoundCloud can’t: recommend artists and songs directly based on what you’ve been listening to recently.

Jason Lee, a third-year neuroscience student, says, “Spotify allows (him) to browse at pre-made Coachella 2015 playlists and combine multiple playlists into one. (He’ll) listen to the playlist and delete the songs (he doesn’t) like each day to shrink down the number of artists.”  He also advises to use 8tracks when discovering artists. “8tracks is easy because you can click on one of the thousands of ‘Coachella 2015′ playlists and just randomly skip through each one. 8tracks will link you to a whole different world of similar tracks.” When asked about iTunes, he said, “everyone knows about iTunes, it’s a classic.”

For those who don’t have the patience to sit through playlist after playlist, go on Spotify or iTunes and look up each artist to find his or her most famous songs. Still too much effort? Don’t sweat it; Spotify tracks the most-listened tracks under a single tab so all you have to do is add them to your list. There’s also a “related artists” tab, so if you recognize an artist performing, you can simply add his or her top five songs to listen to later. Although this won’t suffice for those album-appreciative type of people, this technique will help conquer more ground in a shorter time.

But for those who make time like Colette Troughton, a first-year biology student, extreme measures are taken to capitalize on the annual experience by truly preparing. “I’ll mitigate my social outgoings and spend more time in my room learning lyrics, creating new dance moves and calculating exactly when the bass drops so I know I’ll be ready for it when the DJs are throwing it down in the Sahara tent,” she said. Mojo asked her what artists she’s looking forward to seeing the most and she emphasized “AC/DC and Steely Dan – in my past life I thrived as a middle-aged man who loved rock ‘n’ roll.”

To make things a tad bit easier, Mojo has created a small playlist to get you started. Jenna, Jason, Colette, Tara and Mojo’s favorite songs are added to the playlist below, so make sure to check it out!

It all begins in T-7 weeks, but who’s counting?

photo credits to Daily Bruin photo archive

Certainly not these kids.

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