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Three Things to Watch Out for In a Long Distance Relationship

Everyone knows that long distance relationships are hard. There’s no other way of putting it. Love is complicated enough as it is, and no one likes to add distance to that equation. If you are in a functional LDR, more power to ya’, but here are 3 things that can lead to that Thanksgiving break phenomenon, the turkey drop:

1) You’re spending all of your time on your boyfriend/girlfriend.

You’ve hardly made any new friends. You haven’t gone to the gym. Your roommates think you’re ignoring them and to top it off, your grades aren’t where you would like them to be. All because you’ve been too busy calling-skyping-texting-snapchatting-instagramming-tweeting your better half. Maybe it’s you. Or maybe it’s his/her fault. Maybe he/she started being extra clingy and has developed this amazing talent of guilt-tripping you into spending more time with him/her. But let me just remind you, while I’m positive that he/she is a magnificent human being, you’re missing out on the best four years of your life and a parade of amazing people you would have met otherwise. And that’s some pretty scary stuff.

2) You’re not spending enough time with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

You call once in a while, and you hear back even less. You’ve run out of date ideas, and now that you’re at college, your interests are branching out, and you’re running out of things that you two have in common. In sum, it just doesn’t seem all that important anymore. You can’t see any way to grow this relationship because you two aren’t making memories anymore. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; this is a well-beaten path for long distance relationships. Maybe it’s time to consider friendship instead.

3) You’ve developed a teeny weeny crush on your #flawless lab partner.

Okay, maybe it’s not so teeny. Seriously, if your crush was any bigger, it would crush you. If you’re still serious about your current significant other, this is never good news. Take a step back, relax, and consider why you’re falling for said lab partner. Is your current significant other a bad boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you just bored? Have you simply grown out of the relationship? Or are you just a horny corn dog who can’t keep it in your pants? Depending on your answers to these questions,  pursue your new crush or get over it. Just remember to consider the consequences before making any hasty decisions; cheating is the sleazy way out, so don’t do it. You’re better than that!

At the end of the day, the success of a long distance relationship is largely dependent on the couple. But if Hercules can do it, so can you!

Are you in a long distance relationship? How do you make it work? Comment below, let us know! Or alternatively, tweet us @dbmojo

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