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Mojo Asks Students

Mojo Asks Students: Best Dates Around LA

While your study lounge may not be the most intimate or romantic place to cuddle up with a significant other, there are so many places in downtown L.A., Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Beverly Hills, or our very own Westwood, to go on a date. If you need some inspiration for the next time you take your sugar out on the town, these students have you covered. We asked them where their ideal date would be, and they came up with some pretty cool answers.

Jessie Gold

“Probably a beach bonfire type deal and long walks on the beach, ya know. I guess that’s more Santa Monica. I would also love to go see the Angels play baseball for a date or go to the Griffith Observatory and stare at the moon and visible stars.” – Amanda DeGruccio, first-year physiological science student.

Amanda’s suggestions are perfect for a romantic date.

Note: Dockweiler Beach and Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey are actually among the only Los Angeles beaches that allow bonfires.


Animal Restaurant. But my date wasn’t down. The food is, like, hipster foodie stuff, i.e. the menu includes veal brains.” – Kevin Stangl, second-year computational and systems biology student.

Well we have to admit that veal brains don’t sound the most appealing, but hey, if that’s your thing, go ahead.


Bonaventure Hotel, in downtown L.A. The top floor is a restaurant that gives you a 360 view of Los Angeles.” – Cherisse Liptzin, fourth-year psychology student.

Impress your date with a high-rise fancy dinner.


“I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland with a girl. That’d be pretty awesome.” – Ben Dryer, first-year environmental science student.

Roller coasters, caramel apples and silly headdresses? Sounds like the recipe for a perfect date.

Michael Lim

“I’m really into trendy restaurants so any place with a good ambience or great food is the perfect date in my opinion. For my first date with my boyfriend, we went to Plan Check on Sawtelle that serves these delicious hand-crafted burgers. I’m also a sucker for sweets so we went to a famous shaved-ice place called Blockheads and I really enjoyed it! I always like to think in the back of my mind though that it’s not about the fancy dinners or the cute date spots, it’s about the company you keep!” – Jessie Gold, second-year global studies student.

Sounds like Jessie has her priorities in check.


“My dream date would be sharing a bottle of wine on top of the Powell rotunda.” – Byron Pang, third-year mechanical engineering student.

Doesn’t sound like the safest, but that sure would be pretty breathtaking.


Fleming’s was great! Their steak could be the best in town! Order medium.” – Chris Hamad, second-year molecular, cell and developmental biology student.

We appreciate the tip, Chris.


“I want to go to LACMA during the day and then go to a romantic restaurant for dinner in Manhattan Beach or Santa Monica or basically anywhere we can look out at the ocean and watch the sunset!” – Carolyn Rocha, first-year psychobiology student.

Looks like this student has it all planned out. You’re making us swoon, Carolyn.


“I’d love a night hike to Griffith Park. All the lights with less sweatiness, and I wouldn’t have to look too cute! Then head to some super casual restaurant, like the Apple Pan, where I can enjoy some food that’s more typical of my Midwestern roots than the tofu that’s so common around here.” – Samantha Focht, second-year psychology student and former Daily Bruins news contributor.

This is the ideal date if you’re into simple, good things.


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