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Mojo Asks Students: First Reactions to Night Hedrick

IMG_2113Sunday night’s opening of Night Hedrick saw long lines, critical comparisons to De Neve Late Night, and, contrary to Night Hedrick’s initial purpose, not a lot of studying going on. Mojo headed straight into the frenzy to gauge the initial reaction.

Danny Hoang, a third-year psychology student, expressed his enthusiasm while waiting in line shortly before the opening. Hoang was excited to try Night Hedrick’s new dining options.

Starting from the left, I spoke with Yee Chau,  a first-year physiological science student, Donielle Love, first-year psychology student, Tiffany Cheng, first-year French student, Katie Ho, first-year business economics student, and Judie Nazareth, first-year biology student. The group’s sole reason for being there, as put astutely by Donielle Love, was this: “We’re just here for the boba.”


When I returned later to survey the scene, Night Hedrick seemed less study-friendly than your typical Late Night at De Neve, although plenty of students curled up on couches with their earphones in, trying to study among the chattering students waiting in line for their food. I spoke to Shayna Powless (left) a second-year physiological science student, and Isauro Meza-Rendon, a second-year undeclared student (right). Both students loved the food offerings. “It’s exciting we don’t have to go to De Neve,” Meza-Rendon said. “We think it’s funny it’s supposed to be a study place, but [personally] it’s too loud,” Powless added.


Lastly, I made my way over to the couches and spoke to two girls, Donna Tang, a second-year English student (left) and Denita Toneva, a second-year environmental science student (right). Toneva is on the ORL committee that set up Night Hedrick, so instead of speaking to her, I gauged Tang’s reaction to the food and environment offered at Night Hedrick. Tang was not impressed, describing the boba as “overcooked and diluted.” As for the chicken and waffles combo, “The [chipotle] butter was weird.” Tang had hope though, saying, “I probably will come back just to see if anything changes.”


Overall, Night Hedrick seems to be a work in progress, though clearly it already has attracted much hype and even a few fans. What do you think of Night Hedrick? Tweet us @dbmojo or comment below.

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