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Mojo has moved to The Quad

Meet the Daily Bruin's new blog.
Meet the Daily Bruin's new blog.

To the reader:

Well, this is it. The end of Mojo. Or is it?

Consider this more of an evolution or a transition.

Mojo was created in January 2012 to fulfill, as the backronym of sorts (or is it the other way around?) suggests, an erstwhile unexplored need for “Mobile Journalism” in the digital age. In short, it was the Daily Bruin’s take on CNN iReports.

In a mere four years, the media landscape has undergone numerous shifts and sea changes – so much so that the Mojo moniker has become a bit of an anachronism or a misnomer. A great deal of The Bruin’s readership – that means you – peruses our articles from the comforts of a smartphone, and our recent redesign was expressly intended to facilitate reading on-the-go. In other words, the entirety of The Bruin is now mobile-ready, while the Mojo website has, in my belief, languished with an outdated and outmoded design.

Enter The Quad, the Daily Bruin’s new hub for analysis, explanation and student voices, intended to be a digital simulation of student congregation on physical campus quads. The Quad takes the best elements of Mojo – a mission to deliver interesting and informative content on both important and supposedly mundane aspects of student life – and adds a newfound focus on disseminating and revealing the diversity of perspectives that the 29,000+ undergraduate population brings to Westwood. And of course, the perspectives of graduate students and faculty are welcome and appreciated as well.

The other aspect that the Quad is explanatory and analytical journalism. A lot that goes on on this campus and in Westwood is poorly understood, or most of us can’t be bothered to understand it. The Quad hopes to make the massive bureaucracy of UCLA slightly more comprehensible, and then some.

Please check out The Quad by following the link above, or through Comments, questions and suggestions will be fielded at quad (at) Hopefully you’ll agree that we haven’t lost our mojo.

— Arthur Wang, Blogging Editor

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