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People dressed in bee costumes swarm Bruin Walk, advertise for new mobile phone app

Wondering what all the buzz was about on Bruin Walk Monday? So did we.

A group of people in bee costumes swarmed Bruin Walk this afternoon to advertise a new smartphone application, Ntro, which aims to connect people with similar interests and mutual friends through GPS.

The bees are a nod to concepts of community and connectivity that the app’s makers hoped to create – a kind of social media beehive, said Rosie O’Neill, vice president of marketing for nProgress, the Los Angeles startup behind the app.

Users can limit their interactions to other students by inputting their UCLA email address, O’Neill said.

O’Neill, a UCLA alumna, solicited feedback on the app from UCLA professors and officials from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Have you downloaded the new app? Tweet us your thoughts @dbmojo or comment below.

Oh, and watch the video above to see how UCLA students interacted with the people in bee costumes.

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Campus news

The Hill is alive with the sound of music: students move keyboard to new home in Sproul Hall

Residents on the fourth floor of Sproul Hall noticed a new addition to their lounge late Saturday night: a keyboard.

This time last year, the keyboard was gathering dust in an attic in Schoenberg Hall. When a group of students found the unused instrument, a sound engineer told them: “If you can get it down, you can have it.”

They not only got it down – they hauled it to their lounge in Dykstra Hall, using just a skateboard.

After a nostalgic visit to their old rooms in Dykstra Saturday night, the students – now residents of Sproul – brought the keyboard to its new home.

See the video of the students describing their adventure below.

Do you have any fun stories about life on the Hill? Share them with us via twitter @dbmojo or comment below.

With reports by Naheed Rajwani and Byron Lutz, Bruin senior staff

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Campus news

Canine companion reunites with student owner

In dog years, two years is a long time.

That’s how long puppy Frankie Bubba Rains, at right, had been separated from his owner, fourth-year economics student Leslie Perea. The two reunited under the awnings of Ackerman Union Friday night.

Here’s the story: Perea rescued Frankie from the Humane Society before coming to UCLA. But college life didn’t cater well to her canine, so she had to leave Frankie in the care of her boyfriend back home.

How do you deal with being separated from your pets while at school? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Campus news

13-year-old mathematics student Moshe Kai gives copy of his book to chancellor

What’s on your bucket list?

Moshe Kai, 13, a fourth-year mathematics student checked off yet another item on his list when he met with Chancellor Gene Block Friday afternoon to gift Block with a signed copy of his recently published book, the title of which translates to “We can do” in English.

We can do, indeed.

The Chinese Mandarin book is already a bestseller in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, and the English and Chinese simplified versions were released this month.

The message of the book, Kai said, is that people can accomplish anything if work hard.

“I’m not a super-genius, I’m just a regular kid who puts in a lot of hard work and has a really strong heart and ok, a bit of smartness,” said Kai.

Kai told us Block has a “really great personality.” During the meeting, Block asked Kai about his academic life and Kai told him stories about some of his favorite professors.

He signed Block’s copy with the phrase “We Bruins can do.”

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Food and Dining

Hedrick dining hall now serving “breakfast for dinner” every Thursday night

So, you’re a breakfast lover, but not a morning person. We get it. Luckily, so do the menu-planners for Hedrick dining hall.

Breakfast for dinner—affectionately known as “brinner” by foodies— is now available every Thursday at Hedrick dining hall. Check out tonight’s menu.

Hedrick dining hall’s senior manager Juan Alvarado made the change this quarter, after Hedrick closed for lunch.

“Breakfast is comfort food,” said Charles Wilcots, associate director of operations support for dining. “What’s better than tater tots and omelets?”

Pancakes and french toast will alternate as options weekly.

This new addition to the Thursday dinner menu has proven popular so far — attendance is up at the dinning hall, Alvarado said. The option will be available for the rest of the quarter, he added.

So, make the hike to Hedrick, breakfast lovers. PJs optional.

Let us know what you think of the brinner idea — tweet @dbmojo or comment below.

Reporting by Alessandra Daskalakis, Bruin contributor.

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