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Consent Week: A Midweek Round-up

Second-year economics student and former Daily Bruin staffer Alex Torpey speaks at the Wednesday night event. (Manvel Kapukchyan/Daily Bruin)
Second-year economics student and former Daily Bruin staffer Alex Torpey speaks at the Wednesday night event. (Manvel Kapukchyan/Daily Bruin)

This week marks the second annual Consent Week, a program organized by Student Wellness Commission (SWC)’s 7000 in Solidarity to spread awareness about sexual and gender-based violence.

This year’s Consent Week is almost over, but the Facebook event still shows some events for Thursday and Friday, and the “Man Up?” photography exhibit will still be on display until Saturday as well. For those of you that couldn’t make it, or weren’t aware, here’s a roundup of information, ideas and facts from the past events for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, tabling events have had freebies (water bottles and T-shirts) for participation in their activities, so look out for those!

MAIN FOCUS: Realizing the intersecting nature between specific communities and gender-based violence, presented by Chrissy Keenan, co-director of Bruin Consent Coalition (BCC).

  • Males feel societally pressured to suppress their emotions, and their experiences of sexual assault and violence are invalidated, said Katharine Lee, third-year microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics student and a member of BCC.
  • Sexual assault and ancestrally rooted attitudes of repression towards sexuality in South Asian communities need to be changed to combat sexual violence and negative attitudes toward sexual assault survivors both in the United States and South Asia, said Ria Jain, a second-year molecular, cell developmental biology student and a member of BCC.
  • The experiences of people of color and undocumented individuals in regards to sexual assault are unique because of the struggles they face in being able to report or acknowledge sexual assault, Jain said.
  • Safe spaces, open minds and understanding are needed for survivors to discuss and heal from traumas, Jain said.
  • Male survivors of sexual assault are important and should be validated. Media depictions and societal ridicule of male sexual assault victims need to be corrected, said Vikas Rajgopal, second-year business economics student.
  • Difference between confidential (Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Legal Services, Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center) and non-confidential reporting sources (UCPD, Title IX office, Dean of Students): If a sexual assault victim is unsure of whether she or he wants to report their assault, they should seek confidential reporting sources. If they would like to pursue legal action, non-confidential reporting sources are necessary, Lee said.
  • Donate to the Leelah Project, a project in memory of Leelah Alcorn, a teenager who committed suicide after years of lack of support in assuming a female gender identity from her parents, Lee said.
  • According to a poster made by BCC, there are higher rates of sexual violence among LGBT communities, and LGBT communities may be more reluctant to speak about their experiences.

Jennifer Hu / Daily Bruin

If you can, swing by the remaining Consent Week events on campus, which focus on gender representation and the media, or check out the “Man Up?” photography exhibit while you can. And if you aren’t able to, take this roundup to heart, and remember:  Consent is sexy.

Compiled by Arushi Tainwala and Kelly Yeo

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Throwback Thursday: Daily Bruin Classifieds from 1976

Daily Bruin archives
Daily Bruin archives

As I was rifling through the Daily Bruin archives the other day, I stumbled upon the classifieds from the paper released on this day in January 1976. These were highly entertaining to read, so I thought I’d share a few.

1. “1964 Chevy Nova, 6 cylinders, radio, new tires, good condition 874-4074 after 5 p.m. $250.”

$250 for a car?!

2. Now for the apartments for rent … if you are currently paying to live in apartments, simply ignore this section in order to prevent lifelong bitterness.

“YOUR own room, beautiful (huge) 2 bdrm., unfshd, apt. 6 blocks from Venice, $87.50 plus share utilities.”

If only Los Angeles were nearly this inexpensive nowadays.

3. And if you need someone to type your papers, never fear!

“Manuscript typists, 100 WPM, IBM self-correcting selectric, math symbols, choice of type. Westwood. Georgene.”

Check them out for yourself!

Mojo 1.21 B

Daily Bruin archives

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Arts & Entertainment

VSU Modern As Told Through Social Media

At UCLA’s 35th Annual Vietnamese Culture Night, VSU Modern took to the stage in Royce Hall to dance in front of a sold-out crowd of 1,800 people. The hip-hop dance team, formed by the Vietnamese Student Union, performs every year at this event as a part of the major production.

After the show I tried to find out more about what makes this dance team unique with a little help from social media, of course. The team isn’t active on all social platforms, unfortunately, so I had to imagine how its profiles might be on Twitter, Tinder and Vine. But be sure to follow VSU Modern on its Instagram, @vsumodern.





Name: VSU Modern

Age: 9 years

Location: Parking Structure 7

About VSU Modern:

VSU MODERN! IT MAKES ME WANNA DANCE! Our name is VSU Modern and we love drinking boba, singing, eating, staying up late, turning crowds into mosh pits and using toilets. If we could be any animal, we would be a red panda, because, why not? Just a heads up, if we were to drop a mixtape, it would be called “When.” You can find us chilling out in Lot 4, but we also spend a lot of our time at what we like to call “the holy trinity of Sawtelle Boulevard.” In other words, catch us at MJ Café Express sippin’ on that boba.

Hey, do you salsa? Because you’re spicy.





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Throwback Thursday: On this day in 1999

Daily Bruin archives
Daily Bruin archives

On this day, Jan.15, 1999, UCLA celebrated the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Internet. The way the Internet was discussed in this article really shows how times have changed since the good ol’ ’90s.

Quote #1:

“It’s a lot easier to use the Internet than to go to the library and do research on your own,” said David Kane, a first-year computer science student. “It provides a good medium of communication, and it saves a lot of paper.”

Quote #2:

Today, there are over 50 million computers attached to the Internet, and traffic on the Internet doubles every 100 days.

(Just so you know, according to Forbes, there were 8.7 billion devices connected to the Internet in 2012 – and counting.)

Quote #3:

Many corporations have websites on the Internet that allow consumers access to their products, and some companies now operate exclusively on the net.

(Amazon, an online-only shopping website, has warehouses that hold “more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens and could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic Pools” today)

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