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“The Vagina Monologues” at UCLA

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

This February, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only V-Day we celebrated. UCLA V-DAY: ONE BILLION RISING is “a movement celebrating and empowering women, while taking a stand against gendered-violence and discussing sexuality.” As part of this movement, a cast of UCLA students performed free showings of Eve Ensler’s play “The Vagina Monologues” Thursday and Friday in De Neve Auditorium and will again Saturday at Schoenberg Hall. Each monologue in the play addresses different issues including body image, masturbation, rape, love and sex. Here is a sample of a hilarious vagina monologue you’ll see at the show.

Mojo Asks Students what they thought about “The Vagina Monologues”:

“Okay. It is hilarious, provocative, amazing and full of beautiful vaginas. Expect to laugh, to learn a lot and I don’t wanna sound cheesy, but to love yourself and especially your vagina.” – Stephanie Wong, first-year business economics student and cast member of “The Vagina Monologues”

“It was great. My vagina is like a flower.” – Carol Muñoz, third-year linguistics student

“I’ve heard about ‘The Vagina Monologues’ since eighth grade but I never went. I thought it was a girly thing. Now I’m in college and I have a better understanding. The cast did a great job portraying strong, confident women. It was a great experience to watch. A great show.” – Nolan Rea, first-year physiological science student

“I learned not to be afraid of my vagina. Embrace it. Appreciate it.” – Joycelyn Hewitt, third-year anthropology student

“I think it was amazing. I really fell in love with the show. It was about loving your body, which is a new experience because a lot of people are taught not to love their body. That’s bad and this show gives a new perspective on positive body image.” – Rosie Reyes, third-year anthropology student


Have you seen the show yet? If so, which was your favorite monologue? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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Campus newsNews

Greek Lingo Broken Down for Greek Week

Gamma Phi Beta bid night 2013

“Dude, do all associates have to go to the can-struction competition?” If that question strikes you as strange, it won’t for most members of Greek life this week. Greek Week, a series of social events, “greek games” and service activities, kicks off today. Mojo blogger Iris Goldsztajn, a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, breaks down some of Greek life’s most confusing lingo for us.

Rush: The informal term for fraternity and sorority recruitment
PNM: Potential new member, someone who goes through recruitment
Panhellenic: The association of all the general interest sororities, plus Alpha Delta Chi (Christian interest) and Phi Sigma Rho (South campus majors)
IFC: The Inter-Fraternity Council, which includes all the general interest fraternities, plus Triangle (engineering fraternity)
Sorority row: The stretch of Hilgard avenue most sororities are located on
Fraternity row: The parts of Gayley, Strathmore and Landfair avenues were most fraternities are located
Greek Week: A week dedicated to games and bonding between not only panhellenic sororities and IFC fraternities, but also multi-interest and multi-cultural Greek organizations
Associate: The formal term for an uninitiated member
Philanthropy: Fundraising event held by each individual chapter every year, in which all the other chapters participate
Chapter: All fraternities and sororities are national or international; their house at UCLA is called a chapter

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Dorm Room Recipe: Overnight Oats

This recipe is for all of you out there that hate mornings, which is probably 99 percent of the UCLA population. We abuse the snooze button, pick sleep over eating breakfast in a dining hall and are usually late to morning classes.

A main problem with not being a morning person is that you probably skip breakfast more than you should. Breakfast provides you energy for the day ahead, especially after that nighttime “fast,” and will help you focus in class instead of thinking about your growling stomach.  (more…)

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