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Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Enrollment Times

Whether you’re in a first, second, third or fourth year, we’ve all had our fair share of ups and downs enrolling in classes. Often, the class we want is open at one point, and it only takes 30 seconds into our first pass for its status to almost magically change (and not in the happy-Disney sort of way) to waitlisted or closed. Other times, we just can’t seem to figure out the new MyUCLA website, and by the time we do, the classes on our saved plan in the Class Planner are no longer options. Whatever your personal experiences have been with enrollment passes, Mojo is here to help you minimize the stress associated with choosing and enrolling in classes.

Let’s face it – enrollment passes can determine whether your upcoming quarter will be academically enjoyable or not. So here are five ways to make the most of your enrollment passes. (more…)

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Food and Dining

Breakfast of Champions: Gold Medal Granola

Amy Giroux / Daily Bruin

If you like to control what you eat, making your own granola is one of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself.  Here is our family recipe, based on “Megan’s Granola Recipe,” but with significant alterations and changes. It is so delicious that the National Olympic Committees of several countries at first wanted the recipe, but then changed their minds when they realized that this granola might be addicting – it is THAT good.  Make it for yourself, throw in your favorite fruits and nuts, and treat yourself like the gold medal winner that you truly are. (more…)

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How You Wanted to Spend the Long Weekend vs. What You Actually Did

Bless our wonderful country for honoring our presidents with a day of observance every year. And bless our wonderful school for letting us take said day off. Three-day weekends are always something to look forward to. They are a chance for you to plan something super fun or productive to do that you can’t normally do on a two-day weekend. That event you want to go to out of town? No problem! Need to catch up on some work? Of course you can! The extra day opens up a world of possibilities to you.

But let’s be honest: 95 percent of the time, we never do any of the stuff we think we will do with our extra day. And the disparity between how you thought you would spend your long weekend versus how you actually spent it is slightly problematic. (more…)

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Food and Dining

Top 5 Dessert Spots near UCLA

Since there will be no hiding this after you finish reading this post, I’ll just confess right now – I have an unparalleled sweet tooth. For me, there is no dinner without dessert, and no dinner if I have to choose between the two. Above everything, I always choose chocolate, which for me is the supreme dessert. There was indeed a (very brief) time in my life during which this was not the case, after I had indulged in a batch of not the freshest brownies (no, not those brownies). I couldn’t look at brownies for four months; however, this devastating chocolate experience ended up being a crucial turning point in my life. It opened me up to the wonderful worlds of vanilla, caramel and even red bean (yes, that’s a bean that can be eaten for dessert, just look at the Japanese shiruko dessert!). That being said, in actuality desserts are far more diverse than you probably thought, and savoring their sweetness is one of the many great joys of life. So I present you Mojo’s list of the top five dessert places in West Los Angeles. For your convenience, all of them are located in either Beverly Hills, Santa Monica or Sawtelle, any of which you can easily reach using public transportation.


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