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Promotional van for new Sasha Baron Cohen stops by UCLA, lets students inside

Inside a bus parked on Wilson Plaza, students could try “exotic” food — camel toe pâté.

The mysterious food (really hummus and chips) was served aboard a bus that was part of a promotional tour for the new movie “The Dictator,” starring Sascha Baron-Cohen, said tour bus manager Linda Colangelo.

Students could tour the bus, which was decorated with silk curtains, chandeliers and a bear rug. They could also interact with women dressed as the movie character’s police force, who laughingly patted down students that came into the bus.

Outside, a photo booth was set up that allowed people to put on a fake beard and take photos in front of a green screen. Those photos would then be imposed onto a backdrop of a postcard from the fictional country of Widaya, which the main character rules in the film, Colangelo said.

Erin Donn, a second-year French and World Arts and Culture student, said she had fun being immersed in the movie.

The promotional bus began a tour of 11 colleges today in preparation for the movie’s release on May 16.

Reporting by Alexia Boyarsky, Bruin reporter. 

Erin Donn, a second-year world arts and culture and French student, is laughingly patted down aboard the tour bus.

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