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Quiz: What Kind of Snapchat User Are You?

What do you do when you see a friend on campus?
A. Ask them if they’re coming to the party/social/movie night/group dinner that night.
B. Avoid them and snapchat a photo of them with the caption “look who it is.”
C. Tell them about your exciting life.
D. Make brunch plans with them.
E. Complain about your midterm/lack of sleep/hunger.
F. Make a comment about the weather.

What is your favorite top 40 song at the moment?
A. “Team,” by Lorde
B. “Thinking About You,” by Calvin Harris
C. “Story of My Life,” by One Direction
D. “Chocolate,” by The 1975
E. “Wake Me Up,” by Avicii
F. “Sweater Weather,” by The Neighbourhood

What makes you get up in the morning?
A. Your plans with friends.
B. Your Facebook newsfeed.
C. The people that will miss you if you continue to sleep.
D. Breakfast.
E. Class.
F. The hope of sunbathing at Sunset Rec or Janss steps.

What is your favorite route to class from the Hill?
A. Through Bruin Walk.
B. Taking a left or right at Bruin Plaza.
C. Whichever route has the best light.
D. Whichever route is closest to where you had breakfast.
E. Anywhere but Bruin Walk.
F. Following the sunshine/shade.

What are your Facebook statuses usually about?
A. How much fun you had at [insert event].
B. Unusual things you saw happening on campus.
C. Your latest achievements.
D. The food you’re craving.
E. Annoying things people do.
F. How perfect the weather is for the beach/snuggling in bed with a cup of tea.



Mostly As: You are a social butterfly.


Most of your snapchats show off the exciting events you partake in with your friends – parties, movie premieres, banquets, conferences, road trips and so much more.


Mostly Bs: You are a paparazzi.


You love to take pictures of your friends at the worst times possible, and poke a little fun at them along the way. You also screenshot their most embarrassing selfie snaps.


Mostly Cs: You are a selfie addict.


On days when you think you look great, you want everyone to benefit from it.

Mostly Ds: You are a foodie.

You can’t eat without taking a picture first. You love trying new restaurants with your friends, but most of all you just. love. food. Mmmh, food.


Mostly Es: You are a buzzkill.


You like to Snapchat about your problems, and who can blame you? College can be hard sometimes.

Mostly Fs: You are a weather app.


You love to talk about the weather. After all, it is a great topic for polite conversation. You usually send snaps commenting on the rain or sunshine, and whatever the weather, you make the most of it.

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