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Ramen Burger Tutorial


If you’re a foodie, your friends probably hate you. I mean, we’d all like to think that our friends don’t hate us – and it would be a comforting sentiment if it were true – but chances are every time you talk about how Chipotle doesn’t serve “real Mexican food” or refuse to drink a non-craft beer, your friends come one step closer to pushing you out of a moving car on the 405 Freeway. Hopefully they’ll do it near a Zankou Chicken – everyone knows it’s way more authentic than Falafel King.

If you identify as a foodie, you have two responsibilities in your friend group. No. 1: Feed the masses. Every time you make your friends a fontina and prosciutto quesadilla at 1 a.m., you’re delaying your freeway death by at least a week. No. 2: Keep them current on food trends. Everyone wants to be cool, and everyone wants to be a part of the edible zeitgeist. You’ve done your job every time a friend impresses someone by using the term “gastropub.”

With the ramen burger, you can do both of those things – killing two birds with one burger, as they say. The ramen burger was invented by Keizo Shimamoto in Brooklyn, N.Y., which has been dubbed the hipster capital of the world. Since debuting at the Smorgasburg outdoor market in the summer of 2013, the ramen burger has sold well, and it tastes like Florence and the Machine’s first album, before they were cool. Enjoy.

ramenburger final

2 packages of instant ramen (I used shrimp-flavored – a questionable decision.)
2 eggs
6 oz. of 80/20 ground beef
Your favorite toppings – I did two variations:
- kimchi, scallions, gochujang mayo and a fried egg
- bacon, American cheese, Sriracha ketchup and a fried egg

Step 1: Cook your ramen
Boil your water in a medium-sized saucepot and cook the ramen until tender. Strain in a colander and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the two eggs with the flavor packets from the ramen package, then mix in your drained and cooled ramen, making sure the egg is evenly dispersed throughout.

ramen buns

Step 2: Form your ramen disc
Line two small cereal bowls with plastic wrap, then add in half of the eggy ramen mixture to each bowl. Fold the loose ends of plastic wrap over the top of the ramen, and try to make it as circular as possible. Then, use any heavy jar – salsa, peanut butter, pasta sauce – as a weight to lay on top of the ramen, helping it keep its form. Throw the weighted, plastic-wrapped ramen disc bowls in the fridge for at least a half hour to set.

ramen pan

Step 3: Fry your ramen buns
Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a large sautee pan on medium heat and take the ramen out of the fridge. When the oil begins to shimmer and move freely around the pan, usually after 1 or 2 minutes, gently unwrap your ramen disc and slide it into the pan. Let it cook for at least 3 minutes before you check on it – this is a delicate process. When the bottom looks golden-brown, flip and repeat on the other side. The end product should look something like this:

ramen patties

Take your ramen buns, throw on a burger patty and add all your favorite pretentious toppings. I know I did. Now go, run along and impress your friends with all that you’ve learned today. Cheers.


ramen burger2

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