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Read it and Eat: UCLA Library’s Edible Book Festival

Reading has never looked so delicious! Culinary and literary junkies came together Friday afternoon to celebrate the sweet things in life – delicious baked goods and books. The baked goods on display were inspired by the bakers’  favorite books, mostly childhood classics and modern best-sellers.

Participant Lise Snyder, the College library’s collection management coordinator, fashioned 100 dress-shaped cookies to pay homage to the 1944 children’s book by Eleanor Estes,  “The Hundred Dresses.” Other childhood book favorites were featured, such as “The Complete Tales of Winnie- the-Pooh,” “Goodnight Moon” and “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.” Lauren Stockly, a graduate student in social welfare, displayed her cake-decorating talents in her incredible, lifelike rendition of “Goodnight Moon,” replicating the cover in melted chocolate and creating rabbit figures out of gum paste.

“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” cake won in the “People’s Choice” and “Best Tasting” categories.

First-year global studies student Alexis Caddell was one of the many tasters who voted for “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” as their favorite cake. “I like the sentimental aspect of the cake and the detail that made the story come out of the book,” Caddell said. The cake’s creator, Lauren Peikart, received the book as a gift in 1992, along with a handwritten note from her aunt, which the visiting student placed next to her creation as a lovely sentimental touch.

Other crowd favorites were “Fifty Shades of Gray’s Anatomy,” created by the students and staff of Canyon Point residence dormitories. Dr. Tara Prescott, faculty-in-residence of Canyon Point, hosted a four-hour cake decorating program for her other residents. Prescott believes in promoting books that make people read (she entered “The Hunger Games” into the festival last year), but was hesitant to promote “Fifty Shades of Gray” for its, well … questionable content. Instead, she combined the concepts of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Gray’s Anatomy.” Canyon residents also contributed a stunning “The Great Gatsby” cake.

Last year’s winners of the “Best of Show” and “People’s Choice” categories were the creators of “The Enormous Crocodile.” Elaine Sakamoto, Dana Iwata, Noah Rosenthal and Laura Juarez of the UCLA Lab School said they wanted to create an interactive cake that children could take a pictures with. See above for a photo of Laura being “eaten” by the cake; in “The Enormous Crocodile,” the crocodile desires to chomp on some children.

Another crowd favorite was the “Game of Thrones” edible book, which was a display of chocolate bark matching the personality of the book’s four houses, or family crests. House Stark was represented by dark chocolate with coconut, symbolic of their creed, “Winter is coming.” Dark chocolate bark with cayenne pepper, cinnamon and toasted pumpkin was a perfect depiction of House Targaryen’s creed of “Fire and blood.” House Baratheon was represented by dark chocolate with pomegranate seeds, and white chocolate with Hawaiian sugar signified House Lannister’s golden hair, wealth and gold.

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