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Study Spots for the Outdoorsy #STL

The dudes from the MTV show “Jersey Shore” coined the term “GTL.” But given that it’s ninth week and finals are just around the corner, at UCLA we drop the gym and the laundry and substitute it with studying and learning. And that, my friends, is how #STL was born. (Yes, it’s a thing.)

This time of the year, the hill by Janss Steps and Kerckhoff patio get all of the love from those who like to avoid studying indoors. So for those of you who also prefer to enjoy the L.A. sunshine but would actually like to find a place to sit, here are nine outdoor study spots at UCLA where you can live up to the “study, tan, learn” motto. Ditch the library, leave your room and study in the great outdoors.

1. The Bombshelter 


This place is officially called the Court of Sciences Student Center, but let’s be real, no one calls it that. The Bombshelter is one of the most highly underrated areas on campus. Plenty of outdoor seating and unlimited access to food make it the ideal place to study. Grab your course readers, devour a Subway sandwich and soak up some knowledge in the sun.

2. Court of Sciences Terrace


If you’re too afraid to go downstairs to the Bombshelter, the small terrace right above it is the perfect place for you. Barely anyone knows that this place even exists (you’re welcome). Pull out your picnic blanket and get some studying done in this nice and quiet study spot.

3. Café Synapse


Whoa, this place has a fancy name. Located in the Gonda Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center, Café Synapse provides outdoor seating. Don’t be intimidated by the name or the fact that some of the greatest neuroscience research is happening there. Grab a coffee, find a table and put your brain to work.

4. The Botanical Garden


Deep in the south of the UCLA campus you will find the most unique place to study, the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden. If nature is your BFF and you love to surround yourself with plants and flower power, this is the place for you. The various trees, bushes and other botanical-y stuff provide plenty of shade. Find a nice bench to sit on and become inspired by Mother Nature to do some finals cramming.

5. Health Sciences Courtyard


Attention, pre-meds! Say goodbye to Powell and ditch your rooms, the courtyard outside of the Health Sciences Store by the David Geffen School of Medicine provides the perfect combination of sunshine, fresh air and motivation to kick butt on your finals. But make sure to have a map handy, you might get lost.

6. Sunken Gardens


Dickson Court, commonly known as the Sunken Gardens, is located at the heart campus. Shade, grass and squirrels make it a special studying destination. Give the Sculpture Garden a little break and venture to the Sunken Gardens.

7. Untitled, Café 


Oh you fancy, huh? You will feel really fancy here, I assure you of it. Located in Broad, Untitled also provides outdoor seating. If you prefer to draw inspiration from artsy students, this should become your go-to place. Study outdoors, enjoy the minimalist design and absorb the vibes of this hip cafe.

8. Il Tramezzino


Get down to business at the Anderson School of Business. (See what I did there?) Don’t be intimidated by the people in suits. Study outdoors and raise your GPA while the grad students get their MBA.

9. Courtside Bamboo Courtyard 


And, if you’re just way too lazy to even make it to campus but happen to live on the Hill I have one word for you: bamboo. Courtside, located in Sunset Village, provides a nice courtyard with some tables and benches to study. Surround yourself with sunshine, bamboo, peace and serenity as you get ready for finals. Word on the street is pandas like to eat bamboo – I haven’t seen one there, but who knows, you might be the first.

Do you have a favorite outdoor study spot? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.


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