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Trees ready for planting at De Neve construction site

Construction workers lined up trees in planter boxes along Gayley Avenue this weekend at the construction site of the new Holly Ridge and Gardenia Way De Neve residential halls.

Between 80-90 trees will be planted on the site, one member of the construction team said. The new residence halls are scheduled to open in February.

“There’s going to be quite a bit of trees that weren’t there before,” said Frank Montana, manager for special projects and services with the Office of Residential Life.

A few trees are also being rescued from other parts of campus. Between four to eight trees will be transplanted from the Sproul Cove construction site, Montana said. Another tree currently stationed near the Hilltop store will also be re-planted on the De Neve site.

With less than a month remaining before students will be moved into the dorms, construction is now in the “softscaping” phase, Montana said. That includes building walkways in addition to greening up the landscape.

If you’ve got Java, you can check out construction on the Hill on university webcams.

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