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Seven Ideas to Make Your New Home More Home-y

So now that everyone has unpacked their decorations and essentials from home and attempted to make their dorm or apartment feel a little bit more like home, here are some tips to make your living space a little more cozy.

1. Fairy lights
Now for all you Pinterest lovers out there, this one doesn’t even need explaining. Fairy lights are simply a must in every dorm room.

2. A fish
We all realized our cats and dogs couldn’t fit in our suitcases when we moved in. So what’s the cure for missing our beloved pets from home? Get a fish! As long as the tank doesn’t exceed 10 gallons in your dorm, it’s the perfect way to cope with your pet-induced heartache – just as long as you don’t treat your little fishy like Darla.
3. Rug
Putting a nice big rug on the floor transforms your dorm from sketchy, never-vacuumed carpet to a super-cool statement piece. And if you ever find a prince who knows how to ride one, you’ll be prepared.
4. Terrarium
Nothing is cuter than a bunch of little cacti in a glass bowl. The best part? Cactus requires little to no effort – great for those of us who lack that coveted green thumb.
5. Curtain rod
Privacy is virtually impossible in a cramped little dorm room, but a curtain hung across your bed gets you a little bit closer. It’s definitely the best way to avoid judgment from your roommates for staying up till 4 a.m. watching “Gossip Girl.” #xoxo
6. Washi tape 
This adorable patterned tape can go ANYWHERE – pencils, pictures, your bed frame, closet doors, etc. You can get it online and it won’t rip off any of the paint on the dorm walls. After you get your first roll of washi tape, you’ll make up excuses to decorate and tape up everything.
7. Reed oil diffusers 
It’s a miracle to find anything strong enough to cover the unwavering smell of ramen and midterm-induced tears in a dorm room. Using reed oil diffusers to cover up these bad smells with vanilla or lavender definitely makes your room feel more comforting.

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How to Spring-Clean Your Room

It’s week seven of spring quarter. By now, you’ve accumulated so much stuff over the year that you probably can’t remember the surface color of your desk. Personally, every morning I find myself kneeling inside my closet, blinded by mounds of clothing and shuffling through my ridiculous pile of shoes for a solid five minutes before I can find a pair.

Although my case is a little on the extreme side, I’m sure if you browsed through your drawers you would find a number of items that you simply don’t need. They are taking up the little space you have and are a huge pest to deal with when you move out. It’s time for spring cleaning! Here are some ways you can cut through the clutter (and procrastinate productively).

How to get rid of your clothes:

1) Sell them online

Many websites make selling your clothes the easiest task in the world. (or the Threadflip smartphone app) lets you create a virtual closet, and you can add a description for each item you want to sell. You indicate your asking price, and decide whether or not you want the $7 shipping to be included in the displayed cost. When someone purchases your item, Threadflip sends you an email with a printout of the recipient’s address, which also certifies that shipping has already been paid. Then you can head over to the post office at Ackerman, ask for a box, stick the printout to the box and wait for your money! Other sites with a similar concept include for the indie folk, and

2) Sell them at a store

If you prefer in-person exchanges, head to Santa Monica or West Hollywood with a bagful of old clothing, and sell it at Crossroads Trading Company or Wasteland. Their rates aren’t very high, and they might not take everything, but they are a good bet when you have a lot to sell and want to get rid of it quickly. Besides, once you’re there, you can go spend your new funds on a fresh wardrobe! (So much for spring cleaning.)

3) Swap

Ask your friends if they have any clothes or other items that they want to get rid of, and organize a swap party with a few of them. Lay all the clothing on a table and take your pick! You can make this into a social event by adding food, drink and an awesome playlist into the mix.

4) Donate

If you’re not really bothered about making money, and your number one priority is to get rid of all your junk, donate your goodies to Goodwill on Santa Monica Blvd. You will make pro thrifters, yourself and, most importantly, the less fortunate, very happy.

How to get rid of the rest:

As for your books, ornaments, accessories, unwanted gifts etc., here are a few quick tips.

1) Sell your books at Ackerman or online.

2) Donate to the Mattel Children’s Hospital at Ronald Reagan.

3) Donate books to Goodwill.

4) Ask your friends if they want them! Perhaps they’ve been ogling your belongings since fall and would be psyched to take them off your hands.

5) Recycle. Either literally throw your things in the appropriate bin, or make them into something new that you will actually use. Don’t be afraid to get weird creative!

Share your spring cleaning tips with us @dbmojo or comment below.

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