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UCLA Store’s 11 Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has passed, December has yet to arrive and Mariah Carey’s greatest holiday hits are ring-ting-a-ting-a-ling all over the radio. This can only mean one thing: Christmas.

When it comes to gifts, I usually have a Regina George-esque attitude (“I don’t send them, I just get them”). But Christmas is the exception, when giving gifts brings warmth to my heart and makes a hole in my wallet.

Thinking about buying some presents for your friends and family this holiday season? Are you car-less, or at least not willing to make the trek to anything past Wilson Plaza?

Luckily, your life just got easier. Here’s a gift guide to our very own UCLA Store, so you can fret a little less about what to get for that one distant cousin that always happens to buy you something, but you never get them anything and you always feel really guilty, and so you try shopping for them but, like, how are you supposed to know what they like? Anyways.




UCLA Bruins No. 1 basketball jersey (white)


This one goes out to the athletic older brother who loves reminding the world that he works out and has big arms. Cheers to you.




UCLA women’s double arch V-neck tee – blue


Simple, yet cute – an easy gift for a girlfriend, sister, friend. Plus, it’s performance fabric, so it’s perfect for working out in.



UCLA arch mom crewneck sweatshirt – blue


Especially great for those mothers who love to have hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace on those cold winter nights.



UCLA dad license frame


Perfect for a father who loves to rep the amazing school his child goes to.



UCLA musical Bruin plush


Everyone is a sucker for teddy bears. Are you in a long distance relationship? All the more relevant. Now your significant other can cuddle up with a little somethin’ that reminds them of you.



UCLA block tube socks – white


Socks are a staple Christmas gift, so why not change it up and slap on some UCLA spirit?



UCLA pet bowl


We can’t forget the puppy! The cutest member of the family needs a present as well.



UCLA 2014 tree ornament


A universal gift that can be given to anyone: grandparent, uncle, aunt, friend or lover.


Jacket (1)

‘What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions’ by Randall Munroe


Can’t find the perfect book to give in the store? Fun fact: The BookZone can order any book you need and have it shipped to the store.



UCLA Enzo mug


Let’s face it. We always thought coffee was for old people, but, now in college, I am a hot mess without my daily dose of caffeine.



UCLA 13-inch slipsuit navy laptop sleeve


A laptop contains all of life’s important information – why not keep it safe and represent UCLA at the same time?

Happy Holidays!



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Three DIY Graduation Gifts

As the school year winds down to graduation, we should stop and acknowledge that the seniors of the Class of 2014 have been broke college students for the last four years of their lives! With that being said, here are three easy DIY replacements for typical graduation gifts:

1. Leis
Leis, as most of you know, are flowers stringed together and worn on the neck. They’re delicate and sometimes fall off the string, but always manage to look fresh on camera. The only thing better than the smell of fresh flowers is the smell of fresh dollar bills that won’t fall off while you’re walking up to receive your diploma. Click here for specific instructions.

20140603_232706 (more…)

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A Guide to Gifting at UCLA: Last-minute DIY presents for friends and family

My friends will attest to my passion for gifting. Perhaps I appreciate the credit I receive more than the altruistic act, but I like to think of it more as a form of creative fulfillment, or yet another reason to spend, whatever floats your boat. Here are some tips to help you gift successfully at UCLA, bearing in mind all the constraints that college life entails.

Services you may not know/think about

UCLA housing offers a cool service named Bear Hugs, through which you can order goodies like birthday cakes, gift baskets with fruit and cheese or balloons and a teddy bear. They are delivered to “your special Bruin” in time for any holiday or just to cheer them up when they’re feeling down.

I don’t think I’m being too bold when I say everyone likes Diddy Riese. So, when you have a last-minute gift to buy and you have absolutely no idea what to get, this is a safe option. LA’s best cookie sandwich joint offers gift bags, boxes and tins of cookies, all so you can bring joy (and blocked arteries) into someone’s life. Plus they start at five dollars, so you can work with a college budget.

Easy last-minute gifting

If you don’t have time to go to Westwood and you live on the Hill, it’s not too late to treat your friend. A great go-to gesture is simply swiping at BCaf and getting a cupcake. They’re pretty and delicious, so they make a perfect birthday cake. Then, depending on how generous you’re feeling, you can give your friend the second pastry, or keep it for your starving self.

If you’re feeling a little more spendy, you can also go wild at the Hill Top Shop, Jacklemore-style. They offer a surprisingly good selection, including teddy bears, candy (Hershey Kisses are a nice gesture, for obvious reasons), and UCLA merch, which is a pretty safe choice.


When you’re completely broke and have a bit of free time, make your friend a present. A homemade gift is always that much more touching. Think along the lines of photo frames, scrapbooks, personalized boxes, t-shirts (made with fabric markers or iron-ons), accessories and decorations. And if you’re stuck for ideas, try a quick browse on websites like Pinterest or Buzzfeed for a source of inspiration.

Homemade greeting cards are a fun way to show you care. You can personalize them and they hardly cost anything. Use construction paper, photos, magazine cutouts, sequins, colored pens, ribbons and whatever else your heart fancies. If you don’t have much time, a post-it and colored pen will do the trick.

Grand gestures

If regular gifts are too “vanilla” for your taste, maybe you should try one of those grand romantic comedy-worthy gestures that make the world go “awww.” Although these are most appropriate when asking someone to be your date/marry you, they can brighten anyone’s day. Get inspired by this brave student, take The Script’s advice, or come up with your own idea.

Delivery methods

In-person gifting isn’t always the best solution, since it can get awkward on both sides. Mix things up a bit, and try these alternatives.

Order your gift online, and have it delivered directly to your friend. It’s such a nice surprise to receive a package when you’re least expecting it!

Plant your gift outside your friend’s door (if it’s not too valuable) and run away! You can make it anonymous if you’re shy.

The Lazy Option

If you absolutely don’t know what to get and do have a decent budget to treat your friend, gift cards are an all-time favorite. You can’t really go wrong and there are still ways you can be creative here. For instance, consider getting a Starbucks/any restaurant the person likes gift card, or one for a beauty treatment at places like InStyle Nails.

Do you have any unique gifting tips? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo!


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