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Mojo Asks Students

Mojo Asks Students: What Do You Think of Rendezvous’ New Horchata Boba Drink?

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The classic boba options at Rendezvous – milk tea and Thai tea – have some new competition. UCLA Dining Services branched out regarding boba drinks, introducing residents to green milk tea, Vietnamese coffee, and this winter quarter, horchata.

The horchata drink has been the real talk of the town. Horchata is a traditional dessert drink commonly enjoyed in Spain and Latin America and is made with almond, barley, milk and cinnamon as some of its primary ingredients. This drink can be mixed with fruit or seeds, but at UCLA, students can get horchata with boba. To investigate the craze, Mojo went to Rendezvous and asked students what they really thought.

  • “I get horchata depending on my mood. It is definitely not a drink I would get every day though because it is really sweet.”
    – Janine Adviento, fourth-year psychology student.
  • “I love it. It’s sweet and I love cinnamon, but I guess it could be thicker and creamier.”
    – Alex Arenas, second-year psychobiology student.
  • “I’ve had traditional horchata before and this definitely doesn’t compare, but some horchata is better than no horchata. Also, this is probably the only place you can get horchata with boba.”
    – Luis Melchor, third-year political science student.
  • “I give it a three out of five stars. It’s a little too watery but it’s still good.”
    – Eduardo Lopez, third-year spanish and linguistics student.
  • “Where I grew up, milk tea boba was everywhere. Horchata is a good change from the basic milk tea drink I always get. It has a different kick to it.”
    – Darien Lee, first-year business economics student.
  • “This is my favorite boba drink at Rendezvous. That’s why I am drinking it right now.”
    – Savannah Krause, first-year communication studies student.
  • “I’m not much of a cinnamon person but this horchata is good. I recommend people to at least try it once.”
    – Devanshi Mehta, first-year business economics student.
  • “I’ll get the milk tea or Thai tea boba when I’m in the mood for boba. If I’m in the mood for Mexican food, then horchata boba is the obvious choice of drink. It just goes well together.”
    – Grace Reego, first-year psychobiology student.

Have you tried Rendezvous’ horchata or any other new drinks? Comment below or tweet us at @dbmojo.

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Tips for Flu Season: Three Alternatives to Chicken Soup

It’s week five here at UCLA, and midterm season is in full swing. The libraries are more crowded than ever, and sweatpants have become increasingly popular. But you know what other season has also started? Flu season.

The free flu vaccine booths next to the Bruin Bear probably give it away, but less so than your friend’s incessant cough and tissue trail. Being sick makes you want to run home to your mom’s soup and your own bed, but this option is cut short for many students on campus. So, as a current flu victim, I’ve gathered some simple habits you could easily weave into your dining hall schedule to help you fight the infectious trend.

No Sugar

If you’re anything like me, dessert is a must. No matter how full I am, I will always have room for whatever is waiting for me at the dessert station. However, sugar can inhibit your immune system if consumed regularly when sick. It’s going to be a hard journey, but if I can do it, you can too.

Honey and Lemon Tea

Instead of drinking cranberry spritzer or Coke with your meal, opt for tea or hot water. Yeah, everyone knows to drink tea when they are sick, but we aren’t done yet. The crucial ingredients are honey and lemons. Honey is known to have antibacterial properties and to help with the discomfort from sore throats. The lemons add much-needed vitamin C and antioxidants to the simple drink. Not only did you just make yourself a medicinal remedy, but you also created a delicious drink. Pinkies up!

Wash Your Hands

As college students, our hands may be the dirtiest parts of our bodies. From touching door handles to elevator buttons, our hands are indirectly in contact with hundreds of other people on campus. The spread of all unseen germs is easier than it seems. So, right when you go into swipe into the dining halls, utilize that hand sanitizer dispenser. It only takes a couple of seconds to walk over and place your hand under the machine. If you notice that these dispensers are empty, you can easily carry the travel-size hand sanitizer bottles, which can be found in any convenience store, including the Hill Top Shop.

If you have any other helpful tips or advice for the sick, feel free to comment and let us know!

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