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The Best and Worst of Going Back Home

Living on campus is large part of the “quintessential” college experience. Or at least that’s what all the classic college movies tell me. After about two quarters of living on the Hill, I feel pretty adjusted to communal living. However, going home has reminded me of all the best and worst parts of living at home.

The Best

1. No headphones

I consider myself to be a respectful roommate, so I always plug in my earphones when I want blast some tunes or binge-watch my latest Netflix obsession. Apple claims that their earphones are specially designed to “the geometry of the ear.” I call shenanigans. There is no way shoving hard plastic into places it should not be shoved feels comfortable to anyone. Over-the-ear headphones are a good substitute, but after two and a half episodes of “Friends,” they become just as uncomfortable. Spending time in a room I can completely call my own is music to my tortured ear canals. Nothing is better than hearing a cheesy ’90s laugh track echo freely off the walls.

2. Walking around barefoot

Dorm floors have definitely seen some bad times. Years and years of students have occupied the same place long before you called it home. The amount of food, juices, bodily fluids and unidentified substances spilled on the carpets call for 24/7 footwear. Feeling the soft squish of clean carpet under your toes is a luxury only found at home.

3. Abundant, quality toilet paper

I think all of us can agree that the toilet paper in the dorms sucks. It has the thickness of tissue paper combined with the texture of unused sand paper. Every time I use the bathroom, it’s like playing a game of chance. Will this stall actually be properly stocked with toilet paper, or will I have to awkwardly ask the person next to me to help a girl out? There’s no worries back at home. Moms, bless their souls, have the toilet paper rotation on lock. Plus, the added layers of beautiful soft cotton is enough to make even the toughest of men shed a single tear. #threeplyordie


The Worst

1. Loneliness

Surrounded by tons of other students, living on the Hill makes finding a study buddy, an eating companion or just someone to talk to easier than ever. Coming home to a full-sized house filled with the same amount of people I squeeze into my tiny dorm room is definitely an adjustment. Of course, it is nice to get some actual peace and quiet, but is it weird that I missed the noise of people running up and down my hallway?

2. Food assembly

Coming from one of the best dining hall systems in the country, it is hard to go back into making my own food. My swipes are completely useless here; I can’t just swing by my counter and pick up a pre-made plate and move on. There’s actual preparation involved. You might actually have to boil some water. Ew.

3. Embarrassing childhood memorabilia

Parents love you no matter what, that’s part of their charm. They love you through the awkward brace-face years, the terrible, mismatched outfit choices and the array of choppy, bad haircuts. Even better? They absolutely love to commemorate these wonderful moments by displaying them in picture form throughout their homes. Honestly, going back home serves as a reality check. If you are feeling pretty good about your young adult self, taking some time to peruse your parents’ museum of embarrassing moments can bring your ego back into perspective. Really gives a new meaning to “started from the bottom, now we’re here,” huh?

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of going back home? Tell us about it in the comments or tweet us at @dbmojo!

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