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Throwback Thursday: Daily Bruin Classifieds from 1976

As I was rifling through the Daily Bruin archives the other day, I stumbled upon the classifieds from the paper released on this day in January 1976. These were highly entertaining to read, so I thought I’d share a few.

1. “1964 Chevy Nova, 6 cylinders, radio, new tires, good condition 874-4074 after 5 p.m. $250.”

$250 for a car?!

2. Now for the apartments¬†for rent … if you are currently paying to live in apartments, simply ignore this section in order to prevent lifelong bitterness.

“YOUR own room, beautiful (huge) 2 bdrm., unfshd, apt. 6 blocks from Venice, $87.50 plus share utilities.”

If only Los Angeles were nearly this inexpensive nowadays.

3. And if you need someone to type your papers, never fear!

“Manuscript typists, 100 WPM, IBM self-correcting selectric, math symbols, choice of type. Westwood. Georgene.”

Check them out for yourself!

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