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Street Style: Week Six

Needless to say, there are some cool cats deep in North Campus. Here are some Bruins who caught our eye this week.

Iris Goldsztajn / Daily Bruin

Name: Veronica Mitrache
Year: First
Major: Business economics
Style: “Whatever I’m in the mood for in the morning.”
Outfit: Shirt  thrift shop; pants  UNIQLO; sandals – Birkenstock

IMG_9301Name: Erik Kristman
Year: Fifth
Major: English
Style: “Slightly hungover.”
Outfit: Shirt  MUJI; jeans  Levi’s; shoes and bag  Zara

Iris Goldsztajn / Daily Bruin


Name: Aaron D. Estrada
Year: Second
Major: Art
Style: “Classic, southern Californian.”
Outfit: Slauson Swapmeet


Name: Troyese Robinson
Year: Second
Major: Art
Style: “Boyhood, dandy.”
Outfit: Superthrift in the San Fernando Valley

Iris Goldsztajn / Daily Bruin


Name: Stephanie Gorman a.k.a. “So Fresh Steph”
Year: Fifth
Major: Comparative literature, but secretly in the art and design department. “I’m undercover.”
Style: “Different. Comfortable but different. Willing to try new things. Nice and cute, but comfortable.”
Outfit: Jacket  her grandmother’s; skirt  her aunt’s; shoes  Urban Outfitters; necklace  from the beach; shirt  from a mall, back in high school

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UCLA Student Weekly Style Highlight

This week we wandered around campus and talked to students whose school-day style stood out among the sea of UCLA sweatshirts.

We stumbled across Zoe Goldstein (left), a third-year English student, studying outside of the Public Affairs Building. Goldstein says when she gets ready in the morning she doesn’t plan her outfit. She doesn’t even have a closet! She keeps all her clothing in cardboard boxes and wears whatever she grabs out in the three minutes she has between waking up and walking to class (which explains the stylishly mismatched socks). Her favorite places to buy clothes are thrift stores like Hollywood’s Jet Ragwhere shoppers can purchase items for a dollar each on Sundays. Hand-me-downs like these patterned tights are even better though because they’re free!

We interrupted first-year student Emily Liang (right) from her deep enchantment in the works of Plato to talk to her about her yellow, patterned pants. Liang said her outfit was inspired by the sunny, pleasant weather. She also chose a jean shirt to complete her blue and yellow school-spirited ensemble and brown ankle boots (she told us she can’t wear sneakers without being reminded of a middle school playground). And you must be wondering where she got those pants, right? She snagged them at Forever 21, one of her favorite stores. Before we could let Emily return to reading Plato, we gave her the impossible task of describing her style in terms of a movie, plant and color. Love Actually/Mint/Grass Green was her answer (We’ll let you decide what that means).

We spotted Charlene Tam (above) outside Royce Hall. It would have been hard not to spot her, what with her cotton-candy-pink locks and rainbow ensemble. Tam, a third-year Japanese student, is inspired by Harajuku fashion, in particular the style of Japanese singer/model/blogger Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Google her and you’ll see the resemblance). Tam was particularly proud of her Alice in Wonderland print sweatshirt, a recent purchase. What excited us most about Tam’s style, however, was her attention to detail – from her nail polish (pastel colors with mini desserts painted on top) to the stuffed unicorn clipped to her bag.

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