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A Look Back at Dance Marathon

This weekend marked UCLA’s 14th annual Dance Marathon. This event, put on by the Pediatric AIDS Coalition, is a 26-hour-long dance marathon where students take a literal stand against pediatric HIV/AIDS. Let’s take a look back at the original story published by the Daily Bruin on April 12, 2002.

First of all, this story was barely on the front page, and mostly carried on to page three. This is in stark contrast to the current Daily Bruin focus on Dance Marathon and really shows how the event has grown so much bigger over the years. The story opens with, “On your mark, get set, DANCE!” – nothing’s really changed there. The enthusiasm for Dance Marathon that you see on campus today is definitely seen in this first story and the first Dance Marathon.

This first Dance Marathon began with 190 students, and “members of the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils collaborated with the Undergraduate Students Association Council, Student Alumni Association and On Campus Housing Council.” There was not a Pediatric AIDS Coalition way back in 2002. It also began as a way for the Greeks to become more involved. 

Dance Marathon co-chair at the time, Emily Whichard, anticipated that this “could be a huge tradition on campus – a unifying thing for a campus that needs that.”

Dance Marathon originally began as a way to unify UCLA as a campus and to get people involved in the community working towards a common goal.

In 2014, Dance Marathon had to be moved to Pauley Pavilion to account for the increase in participating students and the enormity of the event. During the past 13 Dance Marathons, an overall $3,917,480 has been raised for the cause. It truly has become a campus tradition.

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Throwback Thursday: April 9, 1969

On this day 46 years ago, the Daily Bruin reported on UCLA’s announcement of some new experimental classes. Here are some of the more unique ones which show the diversity of UCLA’s class offerings in 1969.

1. The Baha’i Faith

“A two-hour-a-week survey exploring and examining the Baha’i Faith in its various facets, with emphasis on how religion, as the Baha’i’s see it, is relevant to the modern world and modern man.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.41.20 PM

2. Theology and Moral Issues

“. . . centers on the issues raised by biological-medical innovations dealing with genetics, organ transplants, brain studies and the whole life/death question.”

3. ESP and Psychical Phenomena

“Group participation in ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, pre-cognition, hypnosis and poltergeist activity. The class is taught by a professional hypnotist.”

4. Yiddish for Beginners

“A two-hour weekly course designed to introduce the students to the Yiddish language, folklore and folk music.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.43.17 PM

5. Good-Time Music

“Ragtime, Jugaband, Fun and Funky Music. Bring instruments, voices, songs, ears and good spirits. Emphasis on participation and sharing music joy, but listeners welcome.”


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Throwback Thursday: February 26, 2003

Twelve years ago today, The Daily Bruin published a story about an MCD (molecular, cell and developmental) Bio 40 class, and how its students served the AIDS community. Professor Roger Bohman required his students to serve at community service agencies that benefit AIDS victims, allowing them insight into the topic being discussed through a medium other than textbooks and lectures.

Whatta cool dude amirite?

Looking at this professor’s reviews on really shows how loved he is by students who took this class. According to Joshua Abel, who was a second-year psychology student in 2003, “It gives you real life experience in something to give you a different perspective on the course. You’re not just dealing with paperwork; you’re dealing with something that is very real.”

According to this article, 27,000 students had taken Bohman’s classes, “which translates to a great deal of hours in the community.” UCLA still offers a variety of opportunities for community involvement, so feel free to explore the Volunteer Center’s website if you want to get involved.


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Mojo Asks Students

#tbt: My First Username

Next time you complain about how slow the UCLA Wi-Fi is, think about this: We ’90s kids survived the dial-up internet era. Remember this sound? That right there is the sound of childhood. Ten minutes of this scratchy connecting and an excited, “You’ve got mail!” later, you would finally be online.

Back then, anyone who was anyone had an AIM and Myspace account. We tAlKeD lIkE tHiS, spelled the word “cool” k-e-w-l and made our smileys with noses. : – ) However, the true manifestation of our middle school sass and “individuality” was expressed in the form of our usernames. (more…)

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#tbt Halloween Edition

Four score and seven years ago, that cat/zombie/superhero/________ costume that you’ll be freezing your buns off in this Halloween was not even a twinkle in your eye. Those were the good ol’ days. Your report card was all +’s and ✓+’s and your biggest worry was getting the extra credit word on your Friday spelling test right.

Back then Halloween was the greatest holiday ever. You got to dress up all fancy in a child’s size small costume, stay out late trick-or-treating house to house and get chocolate wasted. Now what we do is … dress up all fancy in child’s size small costumes, stay out late going house to house and get (chocolate?) wasted. And our biggest worry is whether we’ll actually wake up in time for our midterm Friday. OK, maybe Halloween hasn’t changed all that much, but it’s still awesome. So sit back, relax and chow down all 12 of those pumpkin-shaped cookies your roommate convinced you to buy from Ralphs as we celebrate this Throwback Thursday in Halloween style! (more…)

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