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Bruins Around the World: Summer Student Travel Highlight


While many of us may be complaining about being home for the summer (honestly, who doesn’t relish having their laundry done for them?), many UCLA students are taking off on exciting worldly adventures with destinations including Spain, Australia, New Mexico and Chile. If you’re stuck at home, no worries! Here’s a sampler of what some other students are doing.

Third-year environmental science student Shalini Kannan left just a few weeks ago to study abroad in Santiago, Chile. When she got there, she was surprised by the gloomy weather in the capital, which is why she was so happy to attend her orientation in Algarrobo, a beach town where the sun was shining.

As for classes, Kannan began with three weeks of intensive Spanish, but her small amount of homework allowed her to explore Santiago, starting with the Campus Oriente, which is part of the Catholic University that Kannan will be attending at the start of the semester.

Kannan is also discovering the wonders of Santiago, such as the Andes mountains, which are visible from the center of town, the Catedral Metropolitana and the beautiful sunsets caused by pollution (which is vaguely reminiscent of our beloved Los Angeles).

Want more Chilean adventures? Follow Kannan’s journey here.

In early July, third-year undeclared student Dorian Edwards traveled to New Mexico with her family to visit her grandpa. While there, she and her relatives trekked 750 feet underground to visit the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. “It felt like we were in ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth,’” Edwards said.

She was very active throughout her stay. She and her cousins got up early in the morning to go rock-hopping through a creek in a mountain town, Ruidoso. While there, Edwards saw three bears and fed wild, but friendly, deer.

Edwards’ trip to New Mexico was a much welcomed occasion to bond with her cousins and grandfather, for whose generosity she is “forever grateful.”

Third-year mechanical engineering student Utkarsh Gupta flew all the way to Australia this summer. In Sydney, he was particularly struck by the Harbor Bridge and iconic opera house, which was designed by architect Jørn Utzon.

But of course, no trip to Australia is complete without a glimpse of the breathtaking wildlife. Among others things, Gupta came across these adorable kangaroos. He explains that the white ones are relatively rare and look a lot like mice. He also saw a baby capybara, which is the world’s largest rodent.

During the course of the summer, the lucky student will also be visiting Singapore.

Where are you this summer, and where would you most like to go? Tweet us @dbmojo or comment below.

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