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Take Vegas By Storm This MDW


As we all know, UCLA students who are of age plan an enormous, collective vacay each Memorial Day weekend. Yes, around 1,300 of your lucky peers are planning to go to Vegas this weekend. As finals rapidly approach and the realization that another glorious year of your college career is almost over, the feeling of necessity for one last hurrah is overwhelming. Get on the bandwagon and make your Memorial Day weekend count:


Booze Run

Alcohol in Vegas is ridiculously expensive. Make sure you and your friends don’t end up shelling out $40 for a fifth on the Strip. Take a group Costco trip the day before you leave and stock up. Ready, go!



Leave ASAP

The last thing you want to do is to head out of Westwood on Friday night like every other schmuck who didn’t think to not schedule class on Fridays (hehe). Now, I also know the last thing you want to do is wake up at 5 a.m. on Friday morning to beat traffic and to make the most of your poolside time. Book an extra night in the hotel and leave Thursday if possible.


Make Friends

Contact promoters for clubs and events well in advance to make sure they can get you in places and you won’t have to, again, shell out a ridiculous amount of money for something you can usually get for three times less. Let me repeat: It’s Memorial Day weekend. Everyone is here. Because everyone is trying to go out. Make sure you’re on a list or at least bought tickets in advance.



Bring Food

Stock up on the ramen and make sure your hotel room has a microwave because you can’t eat out in Vegas for every meal (even at McDonald’s, most don’t have the dollar menu in Vegas!) without spending the entirety of your last paycheck. And then you’ll have none left to gamble away. Wouldn’t that be a shame?



It’s Not All About The Club

I mean, I like to party and all, but sometimes you just want to sit by the pool and relax. Vegas even has some fun water parks so you can float down a lazy river in an inner tube, a fruity margarita with one of those little umbrellas held in your hand. Rough life.


Show some spirit

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT miss the 8-clap that occurs in front of the Bellagio fountains every year. It is epic. And you will feel that exhilarating Bruin pride.


Most of all, be safe and have fun! This will be one for the books, my friends.


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