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#tbt 5 Students Remember Visiting on Bruin Day

On Saturday, more than 13,000 prospective incoming freshmen and their families will take over UCLA for Bruin Day 2014. Like Bruins before them, they will carry maps, learn 8-claps, take selfies with the Bruin Bear, climb endless stairs, visit the dorms and finally submit their Statement of Intent to Register forms. MOJO celebrates our Baby Bruins with a Throwback Thursday by asking current students to tell us what they remember about visiting on Bruin Day:

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin“I remember going and touching the water in the inverted fountain. And then I guess the superstition is that you’re not supposed to touch it again until you graduate. But I think that I actually have touched it since then. I never think that I’m going to graduate on time anyways because the pre-reqs, the classes, they’re never offered when I need to take them.” – Mark Singerman, third-year linguistics student

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

“I remember seeing a lot of parents with their sons and daughters. I just remember seeing their faces because it’s their first time ever seeing UCLA, right? And I could just tell that the parents were more anxious for their kids than their kids were about being there. Because we’re still kids, you know? We think we’re adults, but we’re still kids.” – Sela Khachikyan, fourth-year English student

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

“I remember that Bruin Day was what really made me want to come here. It was so energizing. Just seeing all the people here and all the students that are enthusiastic and really love UCLA made me want to be here.” – Maggie Sharpe, first-year applied mathematics student

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

“I remember the tour guides, I guess. I had a particularly exciteful one [...] Yeah, she was hot. No, but seriously. She was so passionate about UCLA and she really included everyone and that’s what I remember most. And the campus just looked great.” – Timothy Aguilar, second-year physics student

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

“I remember the housing tour was what made me SIR in the first place. I had never seen the dorms here before and seeing where I would be living for the next four years just made it all feel real.” – Oscar Gil, first-year neuroscience student

What’s your best Bruin Day memory? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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