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mobile journalism by the UCLA Daily Bruin

The Team

Mojo was produced by a team of editors at the UCLA Daily Bruin.

Devin Kelly, the 2011-2012 news editor, developed the concept for Mojo.

Kate Parkinson-Morgan, the current Digital Managing Editor, worked with Devin to create the content guidelines for Mojo.

In addition to overseeing the design of the print edition, Byron Lutz, a 2011-2012 assistant design director, designed Mojo and integrated it with WordPress. Byron is currently a Daily Bruin web producer.

Lauren Jow, the 2011-2012 editor in chief, helped Mojo get off its feet and provide oversight for the blog.]]

Casey Bradford was the Mojo Editor from 2013-2014.

If you have technical problems with the site, contact Daily Bruin’s Online department at [email protected]