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The Secret Menu At Jamba Juice

It was a normal Monday afternoon. I walked into Jamba Juice and was minding my own business, next in line, ready to order my usual medium Razzmatazz with an Energy Boost. My whole life was content, then all of a sudden, I look up at the menu and I see that everything has changed. There were new flavors, Acai Bowls (whatever that is), and everything was rearranged. A rush of panic ran over me and I began to contemplate my entire life. Am I too basic for never trying anything new in my life? Is the cashier judging me for ordering the same thing my entire three years here?

Well, if you are having an existential crisis like me, here is a list of some of the popular drinks on the secret menu at Jamba Juice in case you’re looking to spice up your smoothie life.

Andres Surprise

– Nine ounces of orange juice

– One ounce of raspberry juice

– Two scoops of orange sherbet

– One scoop of pineapple sherbet

– Mangoes and peaches

Gummy Bear (Red)

– Six ounces of raspberry juice

– Four ounces soy milk

– A scoop each of lime, raspberry, orange and pineapple sherbet

– One scoop of strawberries

Berry Lime Sublime

– Twelve ounces of raspberry juice

– Nine ounces of orange juice

– One scoop each of strawberries and raspberries

– Two scoops of raspberry sherbet

Dream Machine (Lemon)

– Six ounces lemonade

– Six ounces soy milk

– A scoop of lime sherbet and frozen yogurt, blended with ice

Gummy Bear (Green)

– Eight ounces of lemonade

– Two ounces of soy milk

– A scoop of pineapple sherbet

– A scoop of peaches

– Three scoops of lime sherbet

– Ice

Orange Whip

– Twelve ounces of orange juice

– One scoop of orange sherbet

– One scoop frozen yogurt

– Ice

Orchard Oasis

– Twelve ounces peach juice

– A scoop of pineapple sherbet

– Blueberries and strawberries, blended with ice

Pina Colada

– Twelve ounces pineapple juice

– A little coconut

– A scoop each of pineapple sherbet, frozen yogurt and bananas

– Ice

Pink Starburst

– Six ounces lemonade

– Six ounces soy milk

– A scoop respectively of raspberry sherbet, plain sherbet and frozen yogurt

– Two scoops strawberries

– Ice


– Twelve ounces lemonade

– A scoop respectively of lime sherbet, frozen yogurt and strawberries

Sour Patch Kids

– Twelve ounces of lemonade

– A scoop of lime, orange, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet

– A scoop of blueberries

Tropical Awakening

– Twelve ounces of passion-mango juice

– A scoop each of mangoes and bananas

– Ice


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