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The Six Easiest Costumes Ever that will Get You $3 Chipotle on Halloween

Editor’s Note: An original version of this post contained a culturally insensitive GIF and costume idea. The Daily Bruin apologizes for this editorial oversight and for any offense this post may have caused.

There’s no need to think further about your dinner plans on Halloween night. Forget “sand-witches” because in case you were unaware about the news that Chipotle is serving $3 “booritos” I’ve got your back. It’s true. Go into any Chipotle on Friday, Oct. 31, after 5 p.m. wearing a costume and score yourself a burrito, salad, tacos, or a bowl for just three bucks. The proceeds will also go toward their foundation, Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. What better way to pregame before all the candy and festivities than that? Still don’t have a costume though? Don’t fear, here are also some easy-to-do ideas you can throw together right before.


1) “50 shades of grey”
Cover yourself in different gray paint samples (you can get them for free from any home improvement store).

2) A trash bag
Simply make holes for your legs and arms and wear the trash bag, tying the top around your neck after filling the inside with stuffed paper or cloth or anything of the sort.

3) A nerd
Have any old sunglasses you can pop the lenses out of or those hipster non-prescription glasses with the thick-rimmed frame? Wrap some white tape around the middle and wear some pants or shorts that you can tuck your shirt into and pull high enough to rock a standard “nerd” look. Carry some books in hand and tuck a pencil behind your ear to give some final touches.

4) Scarlet Letter
Cut out a big red “A” and just tape or stick it onto your T-shirt. You can use Emma Stone from “Easy A” as inspiration to act the part too.

5) Miley Cyrus

Twist your hair into those buns that “Angelica” from the Rugrats has on top of your head and wear a small tan outfit while sticking your tongue out for most of the night, and you’ve basically landed the part in just a few minutes.

6) A ghost
If you really want that boorito and can’t seem to get anything together, you can always use a white sheet to be a classic ghost.

The ideas are endless and now no thinking is even necessary. So don’t miss out. No tricks here, just a way to treat yourself. Get your friends together, get dressed up, and chow down.

Will you stop by Chipotle this Halloween?
For sure!


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