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The Sick Roommate Experience: GIF Edition

You walk into your room one day and notice your roommate seems a little subdued.

ConfusedMaybe they didn’t do so hot on that last midterm. Or maybe they pulled an all-nighter in the lounge. Pssshh they’ll tell you if you really need to know. So you move on.

Lol byeAnd then they call you in. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for …


“I’m sick.”


… What?


You immediately go into denial.


But you eventually realize your predicament: Your little bugger of a roommate has probably been infectious for the LAST COUPLE OF DAYS. Which means that they probably got YOU sick.

Which, naturally, calls for excessive amounts of Lysol.


Not to mention a well-warranted, full-blown panic attak.

Colbert Scream

But ultimately, you remember that your roommate is the one who’s actually sick. And as a decent human being, you have a fiduciary responsibility to take care of them. And you ARE a decent human being, right?

Angel Demon

So you shower them with love, mostly in the form of food

Bacon Love

and work quietly so that they can sleep.


Because goodness knows there’s no way they’re actually sleeping at night when they’re doing all that coughing and/or retching.

Boy this is going to be a fun night

And although you may not necessarily know what you’re doing, you convince yourself that it’s the sentiment and effort that counts.

I have no idea what I'm doing

You control yourself during the moment or two in which you are tempted to just leave them as the biohazard they are and just tell everyone else you know.

He's Dead (Obama)

But congratulations! Once they recover, you and your roommate will have toughed it out and stuck together through sickness and health and emerge that much closer.


And of course, feel free to brag about how responsible you were to your friends.

Bragging Rights

So yeah, go out, get some rest, have a good time, whatever. You deserve it.

Princeton Interview

That is, until your roommate gets sick again.


Have any of your roommates ever gotten sick? If so, how did you react?

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