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The Top Five Acts You Can Expect to See at Spring Sing


As one of UCLA’s greatest traditions approaches, most of the campus quivers with anticipation to find out the secret and exciting acts that will be featured this year. “Will it be as good as last year??” is the thought creeping up in the back of everyone’s mind. Let’s hope that every year just gets bigger and better, a trend illustrated by last year’s epic move back into the brand new Pauley Pavilion. But just so you’re not too surprised, here are our performer predictions:

The A Cappella Wonders

If you like music you make with your mouth, Spring Sing is sure to float your boat. Sooo much a cappella. In my opinion, Bruin Harmony beats all. I’m sorry, but those bass tones just resonate like no other.

The Next Big Solo Artist

Every year there will be that one girl on the acoustic guitar who you swear is better than T-Swift, or the pianist guy who sounds just like Bruno Mars, but he’s cuter. Expect to become mildly obsessed with this person’s voice to the point where you want them to serenade you to sleep at night.

The “Break” Dancers

Sure, Spring Sing is mostly about singing, but every couple acts there will be a giant group with flashy, elaborate outfits that is definitely more about the dance intermission. It’ll have that booty poppin, twerkin, shuffling, pop lock and drop it DOWN, and it is definitely entertaining.  You will want them to win for this.

The Rock Band

We all know Sara Bareilles got her start at Spring Sing, but did anyone else hear the rumors that Maroon 5 did as well? It’s not surprising considering the amount of great rock acts that have performed during the past few years. I swore that two years ago this folksy rock band was the next Beatles. Whatever their style, the performers from this category are sure to kill it with their impressive guitar shredding skills.

The Inside Jokers: Company

Company is like this really exclusive club that you can only be in if you are like really cool and funny. They are all about making UCLA v. USC jokes, and we love it. The cool kids certainly know their audience. Expect to get really excited the next time you see the star of the “College Baby” skit on campus. You will embarrass yourself.

Bonus: The Semi-Well Known Celebrity Judge That You Are Actually Really Excited About

Sure it wasn’t Beyonce (darn), but last year I nearly wet myself with excitement when Sam from “Glee” came onstage as a guest judge. Not to mention Paula Abdul … I think she might know a thing or two about judging singing competitions, am I right? However, this year we’re hoping for “Game of Thrones” star Jon Snow (that must be his real name), or maybe Kim and Kanye’s baby.

The new act we’re hoping to see: Somebody get up there and be DJ! Hoping that this becomes a category. Let the Student Alumni Association know we want to rage.

Spring Sing is Friday, May 16, at 8 p.m. in Pauley Pavilion. Tickets still available through CTO.

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