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Three Great Places to Cry After Bombing an Exam

There is no denying that UCLA is an epicenter of rad happenings. However, no matter how many events UCLA hosts, at the end of the day, UCLA is still a top-of-the-line research institution that pushes its students to develop and realize their respective potentials in full. As such, for most of us here at UCLA, finals week is no cake walk. Now, I’m certainly not saying that you’ll fail your final(s), nor am I wishing for you to do so; but in the event that you do, I’ve compiled a list of three great places throughout campus for you to let out all those post-exam feels:

North Campus: Sculpture Garden

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Don’t let anyone tell you liberal arts finals are easy. What we lack in brutal curves we make up for in style and artistic ability, not to mention aesthetic elegance. By letting loose near one of these statues, you’re practically raising the release of your emotions to an art form.

South Campus: The Inverted Fountain

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During freshman orientation, we were warned that contact with the water in this fountain prior to graduation would tack on an extra quarter to our academic careers. That warning notwithstanding, this particular landmark seems to attract a sizable bit of traffic from students. We can make this work, so here’s the plan: Take your final to the best of your ability wherever on South Campus, go to the Inverted Fountain, and have your emotional breakdown there as other students go to take the same exam that you did (perhaps for a different section of the same course). Your emotional release in arguably one of the most heavily trafficked venues in South Campus is sure to discourage or distract at least some of these test takers, which in turn may lead to a curve in your favor.  Although, sometimes I wonder if the liquid in the inverted fountain is not actually water, but rather the collective tears of pre-med dropouts, so pursue this stratagem at your own karma’s risk …

Deep South Campus: The Boelter Book Stacks

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Tucked away neatly in the library on the eighth floor of Boelter Hall, this space contains what can only be described as a treasure trove of knowledge in the fields of math and sciences, being filled with actual research journals and notes instead of your standard textbooks. You can be guaranteed of your privacy here – even the most ardent of engineers avoid this enclave of scientific authority like the plague. If you think you flunked your exam because you knew nothing, never fear! You’ll literally be buried in books and groundbreaking knowledge here.

Although, if you’ve got the time to be reading this post, chances are, you ought to be buried in books NOW. Go on, hit the books. Go! Now! Shoo!

What do you do when you feel like you did badly on an exam? Where do you go? Comment below, let us know! Or alternatively, tweet us @dbmojo

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