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Travel Study Tips



Personally, I think there is nothing more exciting than an upcoming travel adventure. The anticipation is half the joy of going. However, it can also be really overwhelming to plan all the minute, less exciting details. Overcome the obstacles with these tips:

1) Book it round trip

If you flying in and out of the same airport, it can be cheaper than if you fly into say, London, and leave out of Amsterdam. Try to loop back around on your journey if you are going to be doing a lot of hopping around. Then you can fly out of the same airport and save some valuable cash on the expensive ticket.

2) Pack light

Everyone know this one, but its easier said than done. Fees can be outrageous if your bag is overweight. So, literally, pack light – weight you bag on a scale before you leave home to avoid any surprises at the gate. Check with your airline to see their policies, but usually any one bag should not exceed 50 pounds.

3) Vacuum seal

This might sound excessive, but I swear it works. Get a bunch of large Ziploc bags, and roll your clothes into tight, neat little ropes of material to pack into the baggies. Before you seal them, make sure all the extra air is out. Not only does this save space, but it keeps everything wrinkle-free too.

4) Stay connected

If you are going to be taking formal classes while you’re abroad, chances are you might need a computer. That being said, lugging your 15-inch, $2,000 Macbook across an ocean might not be the best idea. See if your hotel or university will provide free and easily accessible computer or internet services.

5) Do your research

While its always fun to be spontaneous, researching your travel plans ahead of time is always a good idea: Will your cellphone work there? How do you use the train system? Are the hostels where you’re going clean and safe? Knowing these essential bits of information ahead of time will help belay your worries and allow you to have as much fun as possible.

Happy travels!


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