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What to Wear for Sorority Rush

PNMs - Iris Goldsztajn / Daily Bruin

Fall recruitment for sororities is just a week away. Whether you’ve been waiting for this moment all your life or you just decided to register on a last-minute whim, you have to start finalizing your outfits. The Panhellenic website has lots of useful information, but we at Mojo want to make sure that you are beyond ready to find the perfect house for you. That’s why we put together a sample outfit for each round as well as some helpful pointers.

Days 1 and 2
Open house round runs over two days and is the most laid-back. Go for something you would wear for a shopping trip with your friends – for instance, nice shorts (especially bright or printed ones) and your favorite top. Ballet flats or sandals are perfect for this round.


Day 3
House tours and service round are still on the relaxed side, but start thinking along the lines of a coffee date with your crush. This could mean a pretty skirt, dressy shorts or a romper. Flat shoes are still fine, but most girls will be wearing wedges on this day.


Day 4
Entertainment round is the time to start dressing up like your parents are treating you to a fancy dinner. A nice dress is your best bet on this day – perhaps a sundress or a pastel-colored one. Remember that this is your last chance to wear black or white before preference round. Wear heels or nice wedges if you can.


Day 5
Preference round is a step up again. Imagine you are attending a wedding rehearsal dinner. With that in mind, don’t wear a floor-length gown like you would for prom, and stay away from tight numbers that are more suitable for clubbing. Instead, go for a nice, colorful dress, because the chapters will be wearing all black or all white on this day. Add nice heels, and you will be good to go.


A Few Last Pointers

  • You want to look and feel your best during recruitment, so try to avoid leggings, sweats, flip-flops and anything too casual or revealing.
  • Something can go wrong. Come prepared with extra shoes, double-sided tape, safety pins, hair ties, stain remover, etc.
  • Comfort comes first. Don’t wear something if you know you’ll be scratching or adjusting it every two seconds. Also, make sure to break in all the shoes you plan on wearing beforehand.
  • Accessories and prints are a great idea, but make sure they aren’t so obvious that they distract from the conversation.
  • Show your style. Although there are some guidelines you should probably respect, the girls want to get to know your personality, so flaunt it! If you love mixing prints or if you really hate bows, just do you.

Now that you know what to look for, have fun choosing outfits, and have a great recruitment week!

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