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What’s Your Funny Story?

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Humor. Although not something we can all agree on 100 percent, it most certainly brings joy to all of our lives. Such is the spirit of the David Sedaris 6th Annual Humor Writing Contest, a contest by the Student Committee for the Arts inviting UCLA students to submit funny short stories (2,000 words or less). Winners receive tickets to see David Sedaris on June 24, an autographed copy of his latest book,and excerpts from their stories printed in our very own the Daily Bruin. With the deadline for stories coming up soon (extended to May 16), I thought a good way to inspire anyone writing last-minute submissions would be to ask students about their own personal funny stories. Here are some responses to “What’s your funny story?”

“You know it’s Thursday when you find your roommate passed out in front of the wrong door.” – Nathan Chan, first-year Design | Media Arts student

“When I was 11, I saw this really pretty girl (who was clearly 18 or so) and I really wanted to kiss her. Puberty, right? So I asked her, “If I was older, would you kiss me?” Then I realized what an [expletive] thing that was to say, so before she could say anything, I just booked it. Like I ran home.”  – Jim Samuelson, first-year pre-business economics student

“I birthed a baby goat!” – Garrett Laird, first-year neuroscience student

“I went to the Housing Mail Office to check my mailbox. The only thing inside was a banana. No one has access to that box except for me and the mail staff.”  – Carolanne Link, first-year electrical engineering student

“I was trying to prank a friend through text from a new phone number I got, but apparently he already had my number from someone else, so he knew it was me. However, the text he sent saying he knew it was me was dropped. So I spent two days elaborately pretending to be a girl he met at a party through text only to find out he was actually messing with me … screw AT&T.” – Siddharth Bhargava, second-year physiological sciences student

Have any other funny stories you’d like to share with the world? Tweet us @dbmojo or comment below, and consider submitting to the SCA writing contest.

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