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Where to Eat South of Wilshire

MojoSoWguidetoeatFat Sal’s. Tommy Taco. In-N-Out. Close to both the Hill and North Village apartments, such local restaurants fill our bellies with delicious, cheap food. But for south-of-Wilshire denizens, these places are often a long walk away once the BruinBus has taken its last departure around 6:30 p.m. What’s a south-of-Wilshire apartment dweller to do? Here at Mojo, we understand the struggle to find cheap, delicious food. Whether you live on the Hill, North Village, or south of Wilshire, you should be able to find your local go-to joints for when you’re just too stressed out from midterms to cook. Here, we’ve compiled a guide of four great, affordable places to eat south of Wilshire and north of Santa Monica Boulevard. Go forth and nom, south-of-Wilshire-ites!

1) Ramen Yamadaya
1248 Westwood Blvd.
(310) 474-1600

Ramen, with free extra noodles for students. What’s not to like? Featuring the ultra-thick and tasty tonkotsu broth that’s on-trend right now in ramen-making circles, Ramen Yamadaya is a great option for those cold evenings if you’re not in the mood to trek to Sawtelle. If you want something lighter or are vegetarian, they offer ramen with chicken broth or vegetable broth. For the more noodle-oriented palette, there’s also tsukemen, a dipping broth alongside noodles, and a host of usual not-ramen-but-usually-offered-at-ramen-places items like fried rice and small spicy tuna bowls.

2) Ramayani
1777 Westwood Blvd.
(310) 477-3315

Disclaimer here: As an L.A. native, I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl, but I can honestly say that even now, this Indonesian restaurant hits home every single time. Ramayani may not be the most ideal for those dining alone, but their family-style Indonesian dishes are an eclectic and generous mix of anything ranging from lamb curry (gule kambing) to fried chicken done in an entirely novel, Southeast Asian-style (ayam goreng kering). If you like the blended nature of other Southeast Asian cuisines (think Vietnamese), you’ll certainly appreciate the Dutch and Chinese-nuanced Indonesian dishes at Ramayani. Try their fried shrimp chips, available behind the counter, or pick up a box of Dutch chocolate sprinkles from their makeshift grocery section near the front door. They also do take out.

3) P’tit Soleil
1386 Westwood Blvd.
(310) 441-5384

Next to the more formal Soleil Westwood restaurant, this French-Canadian bistro offers various kinds of poutines, along with a few other small bites. For those unversed in Canadian cuisine, classic poutine is simply French fries with gravy and cheese curds, though P’tit Soleil offers multiple variations with different toppings. For just $20 for a trio of different poutines, which comfortably feeds two to three people, or a little under $10 for a regular portion of classic poutine, enjoy the flavors of Canada without the bitter cold or the dangerous maple syrup cartels. 

4) Naab Cafe
1269 Westwood Blvd.
(310) 473-0303

Naab Cafe is a quick, healthy Mediterranean option that also does delivery. With offerings that cater to both vegetarians and omnivores alike, and an extensive menu, Naab Cafe is the place to go when you are craving kabob over rice with a perfectly roasted tomato. There’s also a nice patio area out back, and they offer hookah, if you’re into that sort of thing. Out of all the Persian restaurants down Westwood Boulevard, Naab is one that balances both price and taste.

Where are your favorite places to grub?
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